Thursday, April 09, 2015

FF'ing Uninspirational: Anything worth doing...

This is why everyone hides the Chocolate around me.  This is why I hide the Chocolate.  In my body.  No one ever looks there.   Just sayin'.


Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Signs that you just may be a masochist #8

Girls, who toggle between an ice-meet-mouth cracking addiction more satisfying than crack crack and a salty salted barely popped popcorn kernel fury so intense life itself would end if neither were within reach, who are also blessed with endangered toothitry born from The Great Fall of 1980, should never leave home without packing Anbesol and a pair of pliers in their TJMaxx cross body bag.  Even when it's Sunday, Bloody Easter Sunday.  Other People's Drugs + Ace Hardware = I'm a Goddamn Dentist.

I always have the other side.


Friday, March 13, 2015

TGIFF!: Sipping On Kale + One Badass Kitty

A lot can happen in a week.  Not really important stuff.  But stuff.  In life.  
My specialty --> Making a big deal out of nothing.  
So here is a weekly roundup of nothing in particular.  
It's Fearlessly Friday!  Thank you, God.

1.  I have taken to Instagram so I can talk about food because that's what Instagrammers do.  Pond scum.  It's what's for dinner.  #iliketochewmyjuice #mmmmm.  Really, I'm just exaggerating.  It's deliciously pulverized kale and spinach with some frozen fruit and fizz to give it a kick and fool it into thinking its a vegetable snow cone.  I'm considering a tequila floater.  Mental health food?
All bases covered.  Done.

2.  And I returned to Facebook after a long hiatus and continued business as usual on Fearlessly Female.  It was just like home but better because I don't have to wash dishes there and you Lovelies kept the fires burning.   

2a.  And it was great.  And no bombs went off.  Not one person died.

3.  And the days felt like this because while I was away I grew into some sort of coffee fiend so that I won't develop a taste for meth or cocaine or whatever the drug is that comes after coffee.  

4.  And there was music, wonderful music to Cue the Day and your pelvic thrusts.

[If reading in email, click this link to watch video on blog]

5.  Finishing off work with A Little Night Music and these two angels from musical heaven that makes one so happy to be alive and have fairly good hearing.

[If reading in email, click this link to watch video on blog]

6. But then came my nemesis that lives down the block.  And he/she is taunting my very existence as a somewhat sane person with no attributed vehicular murders except for that bird that one time.

7.  And then Liberty Love Jones was all, "I will cut a bitch."

8.  And then questioned me about the chicken tenders that I did not share.
She's so pissed that she started an Instagram account.  I have nothing to do with it.

9. Until my Two Shades of Gray Pussy Posse (aka my sick and twisted Facebook friends) gave me a reason to drive down the other direction of my street from now on.

10.  Leaving the moral of the story to…


Stay wild, my Lovelies, for you are quite Loved.
Your FeFe xx


Thursday, March 05, 2015

If you can't be more like Jesus…..

...Be more like Kylie Jenner.  She's the next best thing.

In my attempt to search out articles about confidence for research purposes, Jesus showed up.  But He always shows up wherever I'm going.  He likes a lot of attention.  And apparently, so does she.  Do I want to be more like her?  She's a ravishing beauty and a budding powerhouse of branding herself beyond biblical proportions, but with all due respect Google, I think I'll stick with stalking the Big Guy. Now if it said Kendall Jenner I may have to reconsider.

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